Sizes from 11"x14" up through 40"x60" made from files, slides or negatives.

Printed on a variety of papers:

PAPER WEIGHT PRICE PER SQ INCH (height x width=square inches)
Glossy or Luster Photo Paper (250 gsm)
$ .10 per sq." of Image Area
Textured Fine Art Paper
(190 gsm) $ .12 per sq." of Image Area
Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper (305 gsm) $ .14 per sq." of Image Area
Canvas (Incl. Protective Spray) (430 gsm) $ .15 per sq." of Image Area

Turnaround time:  Typically 2-3 working days (3-5 days for canvas prints)


Shipping: Small quantities of prints are shipped rolled in a tube vis USPS, Fedex or UPS. Larger quantities are carefully packaged and shipped flat in a well padded container. Shipping charges are added to your print order. Your order may be picked up to avoid shipping fees.


Sales tax will be added as applicable by state law.



  • Enlargements from film require scanning at an additional charge, supplied files should be at 300 DPI as close as possible to desired print size.
  • Color & black/white: We can make both and color and b/w prints, depending on your original image. We can make b/w enlargements from a color image but not the reverse.
  • Canvas prints are typically stretched on a frame and require a border either printed (gallery wrap) or not printed (museum wrap). Gallery wrap requires a larger image area to allow for the wrap and is more expensive.
  • Longevity: All our prints are “archival” which means they should last for app 70+ years.




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