Limited Edition Giclee Prints in Aurora CO
Photo taken by the artist, household lighting, Nikon Cool Pix
Fine Art Reproductions in Aurora CO
Professional photo taken by Colorado Fine Art Reproduction

Fine Art Reproductions

The images above illustrate the difference in taking photographs of your artwork with a high-resolution camera at home with daylight (in the shade) compared to the same painting photographed in our studios with our high-end system. We are able to capture the correct color and detail in the image but also the textures by adjusting the lighting to cast slight shadows beneath the thick paint strokes! The image on the right is taken in our studios. The artist says: "It's a perfect match to my original oil painting!"

In the video clips below, we'll discuss various factors that affect the quality of our photos and fine art prints:


Artwork shown by Evergreen artist Karen Spotts
Aligning The Camera
Making the camera square to the art

Artwork shown by Evergreen artist Jeannette Stutzman
Basic lighting for Fine Art Reproduction

Artwork shown by Evergreen artist Jeannette Stutzman
Color Management
Process of getting accurate color
Working with the Artist
The final adjustments before printing
The final step in Art Reproduction
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